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-- Background --

Well, to start with, my interest in loincloths is quite old. I've been into them to one degree or another since I was a kid, although my interests in architecture and science are older. I've long had a fascination for primitive tribes and early humans, and I'd always though breechcloth-clad American Indians were cool. I've checked out many such books from libraries over the years, and I enjoyed reading The Indian in the Cupboard when I was young. I've also been a bit of a fan of Tarzan and Conan the Barbarian -- though I mostly read nonfiction and a little science fiction and mysteries, the Edgar Rice Burroughs's Tarzan novels and Robert E. Howard's Conan stories are some of the few pieces of "other" fiction I read.

-- Wearing --

When I was young, I made makeshift loincloths out of two shirts, before I realized there was a part that went through the crotch area as well, and not just flaps.

When I was in middle school, I made a kind of breechcloth out of some old, worn-out pajama pants by splitting one leg at the seams and crudely sewing the two halves of the leg together end-to-end to make it long enough. I used it to play at being a primitive tribesman in the privacy of my room. But my interest eventually subsided as other things attracted my attention.

Then, in early 2004, I discovered a website and a Yahoo! group devoted to all things loincloth (see the links page). I bought some fabric from a fabric store, made a breechcloth-style loincloth, and hit some trails. I've been at it every spring through fall ever since, though I mostly changed to a different loincloth style in 2006. I often bring a digital camera with me, to take pictures of the landscape and my loinclothed self in it (see the links page to get to the pictures). A new camera in 2007 and a tripod in late 2008 were both improvements in that direction.

I also go loinclothed at home most of the time I'm awake and out of bed, though I tend to forgo it in favor of jeans or flannel pants in the winter, and I usually go naked in bed.

-- Why? --

So why do I like going loinclothed so much? Well, it's not really a sexual thing (though it can be if I want it to), rather it's more of a comfort-and-appearance thing.

First of all, I think loincloths look cool. I admit I don't have the best body for one, but I could be worse.

More importantly, I find a loincloth to be quite comfortable, the next best thing to nothing at all. I also like to feel "in touch" with where I am, and extra clothing blunts that sense of touch and -- especially on warm days -- feels confining and makes me feel cut off from the world. (For similar reasons, I go shirtless outside most of the time when the weather is warm enough, and I like driving with my car windows open.)

-- On the computer --

I've also explored my loincloth interest in the virtual world. Offline, I made loincloths for my sims in The Sims 1. Online, my Second Life avatar usually wears a loincloth, and I've been aquiring some of the in-game loincloths in World of Warcraft (though only a few of my characters wear them much). I've found quite a few pictures on the web over the years, and I'm still active in the loincloth Yahoo! groups and the KLS forum (see the links page).

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