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Links to some other loincloth-related sites and pages.

-- General --
  • KLS: The Loincloth Site -- A site about loincloths. My discovery of this site in 2004 was part of what rekindled my loincloth interest that year. The site's forum is listed below, under Groups.

  • The Loincloth of Borneo. An interesting article about loincloths in Bornean culture. Includes a how-to paragraph and diagram about 1/4 of the way down. (Side note: This article inspired a slightly different kind of loincloth I usually wear, detailed in my photo tutorial here.)

  • How to tie a malo -- Pictorial instructions for (one way of) tying a traditional Hawaiian loincloth. It's similar to both the Loicloth of Borneo (above) and my own one-piece style, but with a shorter piece of cloth and a different back.

  • Breechcloth (Breechclout) and Leggings -- A page describing the breechcloth style of loincloth.

-- Groups --
  • Loincloth Living -- A loincloth-related Yahoo! Group I've been involved in since late 2004, co-owned since 2005, and took over as sole owner more recently. Many of my own loincloth photos are posted here.

  • The Loincloth Group -- Probably the largest loincloth Yahoo! Group. Lots of messages and photos (including some of my own), and a bit more adult-oriented than Loincloth Living. My joining it in early 2004 was a big part of what rekindled my loincloth interest that year.

  • The Loincloth Site's Talk Forum -- KLS's message board. I post there once in a while.

-- Personal --
-- Other people --

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