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  • -- The official site.

  • The Sims Resource -- One of the biggest Sims sites around. Some of the Sims 2 and 3 content is pay, but all Sims 1 content and the forums are free.

  • Simblesse Oblige -- A good Sims 1 forum.

  • SimFreaks -- Another good site. Sims 1 content is now free.

  • SimSlice (pay) -- Lots of great hacked objects here.

  • The SiMstitution -- Lots of great hacked objects here too. Now closed, but the Wayback Machine has a copy of much of it.

  • 7 Deadly Sims -- Another good site, with lots of good objects, skins, walls, and floors.

  • The 8th Deadly Sim (pay) -- A paysite, run by the same people who run 7 Deadly Sims. Has some good content.

  • Paladin's Place -- The home of SimWardrobe, and several other great add-on programs for The Sims.

  • SimEnhancer -- The best program around for changing sims' heads, skins, and other attributes. Free 48-hour trial period, $17.95 US thereafter.

  • Sims Finder -- A searchable index of Sims 1 objects, with links to the sites they're on. Run by OddSim.

  • The Ultimate Sims List -- A listing of a very large number of Sims sites. You can also vote for sites listed there -- click here to vote for mine.

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