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  • 2010-10-12 -- New build items: an apartment version of the Hot Date office door, and windowless versions of the Hot Date office door (regular, apartment, and bathroom). Find them on the Build Items page.

  • 2010-09-22 -- New build item: a bathroom version of my wood-framed castle door. Find it on the Build Items page.

  • 2009-09-27 -- Minor updates to the links page. I removed an old, dead link and changed the page formatting slightly.

  • 2009-09-17 -- New build items: a wood-framed version of the LL square castle door, and some windows to match. Find them on the new Build Items page (along with the white boutique door, which has been moved there).

  • 2009-09-16 -- Minor update: All readme files and object descriptions in all zips have been updated with the new site address.

  • 2009-09-09 -- Aaron's Sims Page has moved! The new address is; please update your links and bookmarks. I've also updated my buttons and banners with the new address. The old site will remain up until GeoCities closes on 2009-10-26.

    Also, I've moved some of the old news to an archive page.

  • 2009-05-02 -- Potential object problem! I recently discovered that the invisible bed might require someone else's custom animations to work properly. Anyone who didn't download the Sensual Carpet from Mr. Bill's Sims Page (a site that closed about 6 years ago) might see "Missing Animation" instead of the correct sleeping animations. I'll update the zip file if I get permission to include the animations.

  • 2009-04-25 -- GeoCities is closing later this year, which means this site will be moving sometime in the next few months. I'll post the new address after I decide on a webhost and get everything set up.

  • 2009-04-18 -- Two new objects: an invisible bed that uses the Maxis sleeping-on-the-floor animations, and a decorative mailbox. Find them on the Objects page.

  • 2008-07-24 -- Updated items! About two years ago, I modified my loincloth meshes so they'd sit a bit lower, but I never got around to updating the zip file here. No longer! They're on the Skins page, where the old versions were. Also on the skins page is an updated zip of the genie skin, with new body meshes made from the Maxis genie mesh. I've also added a proper site name header on this page, changed the font on all pages to Verdana, and updated my cloning/redistribution policy.

  • 2008-03-23 -- Removed page counters. The GeoCities counters and page stats have been messed for the past few months and keep resetting to zero. (I had over 23,000 hits since Oct 31, 2003 on this page before that..

  • 2005-11-23 -- Added notes (on the main page and the FAQs page) that this is The Sims 1 stuff.

  • 2004-09-04 -- New object -- a hacked TV that can be placed on the floor or on any surface (including coffee tables)! Find it on the Objects page.

  • 2004-07-28 -- Added a FAQ page, in response to an inquiry about my cloning policy.

  • 2004-07-20 -- New object: a hacked toilet that looks like a bush! Find it on the Objects page. Also, I still haven't been able to get the hacked campfire to work properly (sims still want to sing even with the "Sing" menu option disabled), so I've taken it down.

  • 2004-04-16 -- Whoops! I fixed a problem with the hacked campfire (on the Objects page), so please redownload it if you have the first version.

  • 2004-04-12 -- Added three new items to the Objects page.

  • 2004-03-08 -- Added a new item to the Objects page.

  • 2004-01-07 -- Added an Ultimate Sims List direct vote button (scroll down). Also made a new link button for my site, and put it on the Links page.

  • 2003-11-29 -- Updated the Links page again.

  • 2003-11-23 -- Added a new link to the Links page.

  • 2003-11-13 -- Added a Links page and a News section.

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