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Aaron Kukulcan
 My Second Life avatar: Aaron Kukulcan.
(Note: These pics are pre-WindLight) 

I created my Second Life account on February 17, 2006 (2006-02-17), but my computer was too old and slow to run SL back then. I entered the SL world for the first time in late May of 2007 (after getting a new computer), and I've been exploring it off-and-on ever since.

I've been re-meeting some people from There, and I've met some new people as well. I'm still on a free account, and haven't had much reason to upgrade (private estates don't require a premium account to own land). When I'm not exploring or hanging out with friends, I tend to hang out at my place in Virtue. (I moved from my old place in Adeo in June-July 2010. My older place in Avendale Ruins was lost when the region closed in August 2009.)

My main avatar is Aaron Kukulcan, and my alt is Northman Carver (who looks much like my main). I often have voice chat on, but I tend to type unless others are using voice (e.g., friends from There).

I have a few items for sale on the SL Marketplace (which were also at OnRez before it closed).

I've also taken hundreds of pictures in SL; you can find many of them at Snapzilla, under my snapshots and my albums.

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